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Why pesticide sensors are needed

With every glass of water you drink, you might be consuming chemicals that could be toxic to your body. This is a real problem we are facing and was created by the past intensive use of pesticides and by the current heavy application of it. One of the pesticides that is heavily used is Glyphosate. This chemical is suspected to be toxic and there is uncertainty about its effect on our health. Additionally, we are also in risk when we are constantly exposed to small doses of a cocktail of chemicals through our consumption of water. Simply, the current water monitoring method is not good enough. Jafar Noori has recently been interviewed by the Future Tech Podcast where the above issues were discussed, how IPM are trying to provide a solution to secure clean water, and how our new sensor platform will enable the water producers to protect their customers. Interested in knowing more about the topic, you can find the full interview in the link below:

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